ZeroWater Pitcher Technology at Home Outfitters

Hydrate and refresh with the sleekest water filter technology from ZeroWater, available at your nearest Home Outfitters. The ZeroWater 8-cup stainless steel pitcher has a sleek design and a filtration system to give you safe, great-tasting water.

With a five-step filtration process, ZeroWater filters remove solids such as Aluminum, Lead and Zinc, which may be left from public water systems.

Because we believe in safe and clean water, we’re giving you a chance to win a ZeroWater stainless steel pitcher, tumbler and filters on our Facebook page from January 12-18. Head there now to find out how you can enter!

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2 Responses to ZeroWater Pitcher Technology at Home Outfitters

  1. MJ Mendes says:

    would absolutely love this for my home

  2. Jennifer Lo says:

    We would love the ZeroWater Pitcher!

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