The Dyson DC77 at Home Outfitters

Say goodbye to the cold and hello to spring. With warmer days comes the season of spring cleaning. There’s no better way to refresh your home than with Dyson Cinetics at Home Outfitters.

With technology that doesn’t lose suction, your home will be spotless for spring. Cinetic technology captures microscopic dust that can clog other vacuums, so it’s built to last. The best part? No dirty filters to wash.

Dyson Cinetic technology can even handle your pet’s hair as they shed their coat for the warmer weather. The Dyson DC77 Animal comes with a self-cleaning groom tool that is safe to use on your furry friend.

Sound like the vacuum you’ve been waiting for? Head to your nearest Home Outfitters to find the new Dyson DC77. Or, follow us @homoutfitters for your chance to win one.

Tell us in the comments below if you’d love this Dyson!

111 Responses to The Dyson DC77 at Home Outfitters

  1. Claudia McGee says:

    Hairy Animals = Hairy Carpets,Couch and more …. No loss of Suction , no Bag needed ~ perfect for my busy Family ! thanks for the oppertunity

  2. Margaret cross says:

    Lol I would love to have a Dyson but never win anything so good luck to all of yous that enter

  3. Shelly says:

    Soooo much pet hair, sooo much dust, Help me

  4. Casey miller says:

    My parents own two! So I am sure it is the superior vacuum for kids, cats, and stairs!

  5. jessica says:

    Pugs shed so much would love this 🙂

  6. lorne harvey says:

    would love one of these.
    finally a vaccum that actually works.

  7. Isabelle Simard says:

    cause my old vacuum is smelling really bad when i use it !! And Dyson are the best in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Janna Fraser says:

    I sooo need a new vacuum. I need earplugs when I use my old one.

  9. Andrew Fraser says:

    I want to have the best vacuum made

  10. Kathy Layden says:

    I have a large house to vacuum ,a beautiful golden retriever that sheds hair everywhere! Even after I finish vacuuming I see hair on my dark wood floors and then there is the carpet which never seems clean. My daughter has a dyson, 2 dogs & 1 cat, she doesn’t have hair all over after she uses her dyson! Help me please I am getting so tired of doing the work but seeing no results!!

  11. Margie says:

    i would love that, my vacuum just died, heard they are the best !!!!

  12. Maureen says:

    Oh, please! – pretty please! Trying to find replacement bags for my 30-yr-old vacuum is now a major quest, and, to add insult to injury, it’s also blowing fine dust out as I vacuum. I’m desperate!

  13. Carole Dube says:

    I would love this Dyson!

  14. Ralph Marfels says:

    Children’s mess dog hair my mess all will disappear and make my wife happy clean house is a happy house.

  15. Julie Johnston says:

    My husband put new fine gravel in the driveway, that tracks into the house. This would be awesome!

  16. Tina says:

    I would lovee this dyson vacume! Love dyson!

  17. with my allergy of dust I could surely use one. Love it

  18. sandy Moar says:

    yes of course! i really need one and hope to be a lucky winner sometime! #cineticspringclean

  19. Ivan Plumridge says:

    YESSSSSssssssss no bags to worry about – EXCELLENT! and yes would love one.

  20. Pierre jean says:

    yes, no bags!

  21. Jacky Denning says:

    iI’d love to win a Dyson, my friend loves hers so much , she’d do an add for to win

  22. Shelley Taylor says:

    I would love to own a Dyson DC77 i have had my share of Vacuum’s but from what i hear and read the Dyson is a lifer.My place is all wood floors and it’s getting harder for me to Vacuum cause of back problems.But it’s gotta be done and i believe that if i owned a Dyson DC77 it would make it so much easier for me to Vacuum.Thank you so much for a chance to win one!!

  23. Irma says:

    I’ve used a dyson and would love to win this one

  24. Jeannette Clarke says:

    Would LOVE to own this Dyson. Tired of cords, vacuums that don’t work right and leave messes behind!

  25. Margaret Nova says:

    I have been waiting for one of these for along time. The hair from the Jack Russell is always falling out every where and I am sick of sweeping the floor after her so this Dyson would be great to win.

  26. diane Laporte says:

    Sound like the vacuum i’ve been waiting for…. Yes

  27. brittnie says:

    I love Dyson ..I don’t have a vaccume so this would be ideal

  28. pamela voisey says:

    Would love to win the Dyson, I think the machine is awesome!!

  29. J-P Vincent says:

    Yes, I would like to own onw, it seems powerful.

  30. Oh my gosh ,,need this so badly ,,so much pet hair and my hair keeps falling to! Think this would help Immensely!Wishing for a Dyson!

  31. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    3 cats and 3 floors of laminate of course I would love a dyson DC77 #cineticspringclean


    My husband says I have a vacuum fetish….Im always buying them because I can never find one I like good enough. Ive always wanted a Dyson but hubby says that they are too expensive and not worth the risk. Would love to win one and prove him wrong!!!!!!! 🙂

  33. i would love this pet taking control of my life

  34. Janice Derwores says:

    I would love a Dyson..have coveted one for years, actually!!

  35. ROBIN WOLFE says:

    everything goes at once. our vac., oven, & washer — yes we would love a dyson

  36. Donna says:

    I would love the opportunity to have this Dyson in my home. Thank you.

  37. Marilyn HoLem says:

    This Dyson would do wonders for all the hair from my Jack Russels and my Himalayan cat that are left all over the house because the vacuum that I have now doesn’t suck!!!!!! I would be in heaven if I had a Dyson !

  38. Linda Gagliardi says:

    Would love to test the Dyson on long hair….seems that it it worse than cat hairs

  39. Colleen says:

    I would love to own a Dyson, so to win one would make cleaning a lot easier!!

  40. Linda Tupper says:

    I sure would LOVE this Dyson. I am so in need of a vacumn! I follow on twitter under @TOnlyalady and I follow on facebook. Thank you so much for a chance to win.

  41. Harvinderks says:

    Been wishing for a Dyson!

  42. Karen Ruetz says:

    I would give it to my daughter she had two large shedding dogs in her house and a little girl

  43. Kristine Perlmutter says:

    This would be great!

  44. Susan Haslett-Cooper says:

    pets and kids

  45. Sherry Bertleff says:

    This vacuum sounds like it would be amazing for us as my husband has allergies and asthma. Getting all that microscopic dust out of the floor would be fantastic. We also have a dog and a self-cleaning groom tool would be a blessing 🙂

  46. Wendy Wagar says:

    I have 2 small dogs that are constantly tracking sand and grass into the house and don’t even get me started on how much hair they shed! Winning the DC77 would be a dream come true!

  47. Rosemary Reading says:

    My vacuum is broke and we need another! They are all so expensive … Every kind… But the best one to get is a Dyson. I’ve been told that over and over from friends, family and salespeople! Hope to win this! :-)))

  48. Diane Barber says:

    Would love a Dyson as we are currently looking to replace our vacuum.

  49. Sopheap says:

    Definitely need this vacuum. My dog sheds so much.

  50. Sandy Boehlke says:

    Would love one for the dog hair, Please!

  51. Theresa Davis says:

    Dog hair!!!

  52. Tracy Johnston says:

    oh my gosh, YES! I’ve inherited my daughter’s cat while she is away at school and as much as I love my grand kitty, the cat hair is certainly not something my current vacuum seems to be able to handle!

  53. i did not want another pet but he just melted my heart, now I have a long hair, Australian Shepherd that sheds mountains. I so need a great vacuum and I hear from everyone these are great. So yes please I would love to win one.

  54. I have a yellow lab and a long haired cat. I sure would love this Dyson.

  55. Janine Clarke says:

    Moving into my own place soon. Need this…would love to win it!!

  56. Would love to win this Dyson

  57. Carolyn Ferris says:

    Would love to win this vacuum

  58. Marie Gorman says:

    Our daughter-in-law has a Dyson and simply loves it. I have used it a few times at our son’s house and must say it does an excellent job and is very easy to use! I currently have central vac but believe it is now time to switch back. Would love this Dyson for my home!!!

  59. robert Bellini says:

    I always wanted a Dyson. I would love to win this.

  60. Linda O'Grady says:

    me pretty please

  61. Linda O'Grady says:

    I sure could use this i have 2 dogs and 2 cats it would make cleanup a breeze.

  62. Monika Bruder says:

    I would love to win this to be able to clean up after my two kitties!

  63. Keiko says:

    Awesome, would love to own one and ty for the opportunity to win one 😉

  64. Sonja Neriuoka says:

    This would be awesome to win, because I’m in need of one. The Dyson is the best. My sons have one, and they had other vacuums before, that had very little suction. They love their Dyson !

  65. I would love to experience the cleaning of my home with the new Dyson.

  66. Tara B says:

    Such an effective machine!

  67. Dawn Flynn says:

    Oh please. If I could afford it I would buy it. So I need it . Thank you

  68. I have the hand held dyson and love it, would also love the big version, because it doesn’t have filters or dusty bags, great for allergies and has great suction. Looks so much more lighter and maneuverable than the old one I have.

  69. Alda says:

    Boy, would I ever love to win this ,I heard so much about them.They are like magic

  70. Debbie McKenney says:

    I love, love all there vacuums…They work so well and would love a new upright model!!

  71. lise boisvert says:

    If I am lucky and win it, I would be able to make a comment , as per the other comment it sound fabulous

  72. Shirley A says:

    my hubby will love this dyson

  73. Shirley A says:

    My hubby would love this Dyson 🙂

  74. Lorna Wright says:

    I have lots of allergies and would love to win this

  75. ellen chevarie says:

    I so love this excited that it can tackle pet hair.i have a golden lab and he can shed like theres no tomorrow.

  76. Debbie Moores says:

    Sure would cut the time down for doing spring cleaning if I was to win. Always wanted one.

  77. Angela Massis says:

    I have been really wanting one! I love this Dyson!

  78. Sandy Chee says:

    Hair hair hair, love to try out

  79. Shannon says:

    I would LOVE this Dyson!!! I’m a huge fan. 😀

  80. sadia says:

    I’d love to have this vacuum! my bird sheds a lot of feathers and my current vacuum doesn’t clean up the mess very well. The Dyson dc77 would be great!

  81. Deb Elliott says:

    I love Dyson and always want the newest improved version, especially with three shedding akitas

  82. Melinda Poth says:

    We have a cat so this Dyson would be a great household tool for picking up the cat hair.

  83. Dawn Craig says:

    Would love this vacuum!

  84. Omg!!!!
    I’m in Love with this vacuum!!!

  85. Kathy says:

    I use a dyson at a house that I clean and you can see the reward that a dyson gives you.I would love to use a dyson at all my cleaning job’s.I would be so happy to own one.That would compare to driving an audi to work every day.Please!! Please I need one!!

  86. Suzanne Dube says:

    Thank you, It’s really hard to find good vaccuums these days. Your technology is up to date and helps a day go by better after a good cleaning heheh.

  87. Bill Ryan says:

    Great vacuum

  88. Mary Lumsden says:

    We have 2 dogs and a side apartment-and a bar area the central does not reach-oh and upstairs-really need one!

  89. Ken Minaker says:

    Would love to win one!! Cat hair all over the place!!

  90. Susan Hanley says:

    I’ve heard and read a lot of positive things about Dyson vacuums. I would love to own one.

  91. Roxanne MACMASTER says:

    Best vacums ever.

  92. Lynda Cook says:

    I would love to own a dyson, I have three dogs that shed a lot and this would be awesome, no loss suction..Oh ya!!!!

  93. Deb B says:

    Would love to have a Dyson!

  94. Lynn says:

    i need the help !

  95. Cheryl Mitchell says:

    That looks like an awesome vac, I’ve heard nothing but good things about all of your products! It looks light and easy to maneuver! Would love to win this!!!

  96. Bernice says:

    oh you bet i would love this dyson , would definitely make vacuuming easier

  97. Cathy Caughill says:

    I have cats! Enough said.

  98. Theresa Black says:

    I would love to win this but not for me. I would give it to Mom for Mothers Day. She has always wanted a Dyson:)

  99. Deana says:

    I NEEEEEEEEED one of these!

  100. pauline yanchus says:

    I have never had a new vacuum and am too old to sweep all my flours. Especially after my toddler Grandson finishes his whirlwind with nana. hair toys snacks and so on. This would really help me in my everyday life. Thank You

  101. phyllis cadwell says:

    my friend owns one and I think it is awesome

  102. My daughter got one for a wedding present and LOVES it!!! I would love to own and use this unit!!

  103. Chelsea says:

    I neeeeeed one! 🙂

  104. Ashlie Metcalf says:

    Thanks for the chance

  105. My daughter got one for a weeding present and LOVES it!! I really would love to own and use this unit!!

  106. Lisa french says:

    would love this

  107. karen hachborn says:

    Yes!!! Have a Golden Retriever and a Cat at home. The two are constantly shedding leaving hair all over the house. I have bad allergies and my sister won’t come over due to her allergies. Hope this can get rid of the hair and bring my sister over!

  108. It is just fantastic. No noise and works very well. I like the desing, I really like the possessed

  109. alda says:

    love dyson

  110. May Yee says:

    Love this Dyson

  111. Carolyn Natolochny says:

    Puppy Hair!!!

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